Research Plan

I Title

PEWS after Transfer from PICU

II Investigators

Chris Bastfield, RN, ADN
Staff Nurse
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

Rachel J Webb, RN, BSN
Staff Nurse
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

Suzan Miller-Hoover, RN, DNP, XXX, CCRN
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego

III Hypothesis, Research Questions, or Goals of the Project

Does using PEWS when patients are transferred from PICU to Acute Care Floors facilitate handoff communication between PICU and Acute Care nurses, result in increased nurse satisfaction with handoffs, and in decreased return of patients to PICU within 48 hours, compared with the usual method?

IV Background and Significance

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the pieces

PEWS is used to assist in early recognition of pediatric patients at risk for deterioration,
Transitions are a recognized weak spot in care
The communication is more valuable than the number
PEWS is not used in PICU – not appropriate
PEWS is used in acute care

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V Research Method, Design and Statistical Analysis

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VI Human Subjects Interaction

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A. Sources of Potential Participants

B. Recruitment of the Participants

C. Informed Consent

D. Research Protocol

Research Protocol

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VII Potential Risks

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VIII Potential Benefits

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IX Additional Documents

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