Project Plan– Formal

I Title

Replace This with Project Title

II Investigators

Replace this text with a list of investigators List All

FirstName LastName degrees


III Hypothesis, Research Questions, or Goals of the Project

Replace this text with PICO question or other appropriate statement

IV Background and Significance

Replace this with a statement of why do this, and why this matters.

Include a reference list

V Research Method, Design and Statistical Analysis

Replace this text with Research Method, Design and Statistical Analysis

VI Human Subjects Interaction

Replace this text with Human Subjects Interaction

A. Sources of Potential Participants

B. Recruitment of the Participants

C. Informed Consent

D. Research Protocol

Research Protocol

Replace this text with Research Protocol

VII Potential Risks

Replace this text with Potential Risks

VIII Potential Benefits

Replace this text with Potential Benefits

IX Additional Documents

Replace this text with Appendix


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