The Project

The Plan

PICU RNs and Acute Care RNs will examine  the  patient together at the moment of transfer of care, and enter a PEWS Score into Epic as part of completing the handoff.

What this will do

  1. Provide a  simultaneous final and initial assessment of the basics of patient condition at the time of transfer of care.
  2. provide a sense of completeness of understanding of patient condition, especially conditions which are baseline for the patient, but are not normal for the average child.
  3. Provide a moment for finalizing the communication between the sending and receiving nurses. It may also lead to
    • Point out missing parts of handoff report, and generate further information transfer.
  4. Stimulate communication between send and receiving RNs, between receiving RN and Acute Care Charge RN, Acute Care Respiratory Therapist, or Resident as needed. And as appropriate
    • Cause a reassessment of patient needs and RN workload rebalancing.
    • Cause MDs to consider or place new orders for additional or different care ( e.g. respiratory Tx, or tests, or meds.)
    • Cause reassessment of patient status and appropriateness of the transfer out of ICU.
    • Cause a call for rapid response team or code blue
  5. Generate a real time PEWS Score and presumably other VS in the EHR, which is then available for other providers and can serve as reference point for any changes in patient condition – especially deterioration occurring shortly after transfer, at a time when acute care Staff have often assessed the patient, and moved on to care for other patients without having had time to document in the EHR.

for the interval of 7/1/12 – 6/30/15

  • Count of admissions to main hospital. ( Do not include ED, or OR not admitted to inpatient)
  • Count of unique patients /unique MR#
  • More about patients ever on Critical Care Service, and or in Beds on third floor. Excluding NICU patients &  CVI patients by service, not by bed number.
    1. CNS, MR#, Date/Time of Admit, transfers, D/C, and room numbers

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