EBPI Proposal Worksheet


Rady Children’s Hospital and Health Center

Project Title



Does a joint PEWS by PICU RN and Floor RN at the when the patient arrives in the new rom  decrease the use of RRT or code blues outside of PICU , or bounce back to PICU in the first 12 hours after transfer from PICU?



Care transitions (handoffs ) are recognized as a risk factor in patient safety. PEWS has been demonstrated to improvement patient safety as measured by utilization of RRT and codes outside of PICU. A PEWS performed simultaneously , then documented immediately, and and off by both RNs participating will provide another opportunity to ascertain the patient’s condition if well identified at handoff, and will make the PEWS score  available others, through the EHR, immediately. Not only will communication be more complete at the bedside handoff, others more remote from the the patient will have early access to this vital assessment of patient condition.



Of patients who have been transferred from the PICU to pediatric floor care,:

The percent of these patients for whom a either a code is called, the Rapid response team is called, or the patient is readmitted to the PICU in the first 12 hours after transfer




Population: Patients transferred from PICU

Intervention: Joint PEWS done on arrival in new room

Comparison  no PEWS done on arrival in the new room

Outcome  fewer rapid response, codes outside of PICU, or bounce back in first 12 hours after transfers

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